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Nathan Wellman Graphics & Photography


Raleigh, NC



Nathan Wellman, NC bound, is a professional artist who specializes is Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. After attending the Living Arts College, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, Nathan began his career as a portrait photographer and visual marketer. Working with Local (NC) companies such as Alter Ego, The Junction Salon and Bar, DEMODE Apparel and Estate Mens Boutique to name a few. Nathan works his own personal style into each assignment while also catering to the individual clients needs in order to create a unique one of a kind graphic, illustration and or photograph.

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Client List:


-Junction Salon and Bar


-Alter Ego Hair Salon


-Custom Built Chik's


-PD Shades




-3C Surfacing


-Dream within Your Heart


-REMAX (Raleigh)


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